You can mint a MAG Brew Vikings NFT on Ebisu's Bay website using a wallet compatible for the Cronos Blockchain, the options are two: Metamask (set for Cronos) or the DEFI WALLET.

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CRO is the native coin of chain and Cronos. To buy it with Euro or Dollars you should use an exchange like the APP (downloadable for iOS or Android).

Now that you have bought some CRO you can send them to a Cronos external wallet:

Using the Defi Wallet

After downloading the Defi Wallet you will be able to receive payments from any exchanges in CRO and also bridging them into the Cronos sidechain (this means that if you have native CRO you can switch them into the Cronos blockchain, the world where our Vikings live).

Now you are ready to buy your first MAG Brew Viking on Ebisu's Bay using the DEFI wallet!
We highly suggest to use your desktop device, in this case you have to download the Defi wallet extension for Google Chrome.

If you don't want to use this option you can also choose Metamask, the most famous software wallet for Ethereum, since Cronos it's a EVM we can just set it up and get ready for the Valhalla!

Setting Metamask for Cronos blockchain

You have to download the Metamask extension for your browser (here you can find the version for Google Chrome). Click on the Metamask extension fox logo on the top right corner of your browser tab and follow these passages to set it for the Cronos Blockchain.

Now insert these parametres:

Network name: "Cronos"
Chain ID: 25
Symbol: CRO
Block Explorer:

Buy a MAG Brew Viking!

Secondary sales will be soon available on the Ebisu's Bay marketplace!