What is the total supply?

800 pieces

Where can i buy one gen1 viking?

Are there any utilities for THE Holders of mag brew vikings gen1: "The Rebellion"?

100% of the future royalties deriving from the purchases and sales of the GEN1 collection on the secondary market will be given to holders.

What is cronos?

It's an EVM blockchain (Ethereum Virtual Machine), that simultaneously works with Crypto.org Chain. It allows developers to easily transfer apps from Ethereum and others EVM chains to Cronos.
You can see it as a bridge that allows different blockchains to speak with each other!

When did this project cOme to life?

Some months ago, while crafting beer during a simple chat in our warehouse.
The long way back between us and our similar interests made the rest of the equation: we are all keen on fantasy (fun fact: we collected several weapons from the LOTR saga in our analog den), beer and the crypto world; why not merging all this cool stuff into an NFT?!

What's behind your NFTs creating process?

Firstly, we had to think about the design of every single piece that should have composed the final image (background, body, hair, beard, tattoo etc..), then our artist handmade all of the pieces, one by one. This first part was a little bit tricky since we had to be sure that all of those created parts were compatible with each other.
After that, we stored all of those jpeg files into a JavaScript algorithm that randomly generated each of the 770 Vikings.

Why did you choose that logo?

We'd like to find something simple that could easily merge the Vikings world with the beer one! So here it is, an horned warrior hop!

Are the images that are displayed in this site all you got?

No way! There are a lot of add-ons, traits, and backgrounds that we still need to add. If you are too curious and you can't wait till the public sale you can check out our artist Discord section for some sneak peeks!

will there be any secondary sale royalties?

Yes, royalties will be 8% and they all be shared to GEN1:"The Rebellion" holders.

Which wallet can I use to purchase the art?

You can use Crypto.com DeFi Wallet or MetaMask (guide to set your Metamask wallet here).

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