800 unique algorithmically generated NFTs
crafted into the golden hall of the Gods by the professional illustrator luigi zitelli!
With the profits from the collection, the MAG project will create the first NFT-based beer firm in the world.
Equilibrium is the foundation of each world.
Nevertheless, no matter how secure it could be, superior is the tension towards chaos.
Higher entities, once constrained, are now trampling to prevail on each other.
Will these hunters, sailors, warriors, explorers, and pioneers be sacrificial pawns or will they arise, overturning balances older than the world itself?
As in time gone was prophesied, to challenge the impossible we shall embark on a quest to find the ancient delight that unites the elements of the world.
This divine expression gives unimaginable powers depending on its origin.

A huge fight is on the horizon

A huge fight is on the horizon.

The Team

"The storm will blow over,
a star will head down to the river,
only the water will decide its fate."

- forgotten prophecy
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